How to ..

There is so much to learn in golf, as there is in life - how to do this, how to do that, and how to do the next thing. There are so many questions and in this section we have guidance arranged to answer the most commonly asked golf "how to" questions – both how to do a hit a particular type of shot (e.g. a lovely draw), and how to stop a type of shot (e.g. an ugly shank).

So to summarize is slightly more detail, the various video collections will arm us with sufficient skills to stop slicing the ball and also show how to stop hooking. The section continues on a much more positive tone with a selection of instructional videos that show how to hit a fade and also the much sought after draw. Next up are a couple of sub-sections on how to stop something with one on shanking and one on how to stop thinning the ball. To finish we have a group of videos on the ever-popular question of how to hit a driver alongside a selection of answers regarding how to hit a bunker shot.

Find answers to all these “how to" questions by selecting from the sub-sections below.