Golf Instruction: Tips and Drills

Tips and drills in golf are wonderful things - in theory at least if not always in practice. As golfers we mostly all want the same thing and that is to get better, beat our lowest score or our friendliest foe, and to get our handicap down. What we don't always want though is to have to make difficult and uncomfortable swing changes, nor do we always want to be spending hours and hours on the range hitting thousands of practice balls and this is where tips and drills come in! A tip that can be implemented in seconds and yield immediate positive results is a beautiful thing. A simple, easy-to-follow practice ground drill that will break a bad habit or form a good one is a beautiful thing too.

So in this section we bring you some of the most sought after tips and drills starting with the highly popular golf tips for beginners selection. And then, for those looking for the quickest and most effective of fixes, there are plenty of putting tips. The short game is covered too as well as specific tips on chipping and pitching. There are videos that cover backswing drills and downswing ones too. The section concludes with a selection of videos that demonstrate effective swing plane drills.