Helping With Golf is for golfers who are looking for help to improve their game. The carefully reviewed collection of instructional golf videos are arranged in catalogues that are matched to the help golfers are searching for online and, importantly, on the course and practice range.

The How-to section lists videos that provide assistance to the most commonly sought improvements and fixes to the golf swing including the popular section on how to hit a driver. The Tips and Drills section similarly offers swing and practice guidance that can be used to groove all aspects of the game leading to better golf and lower scores with the putting tips and drills selection being arguably the quickest of fixes! There are also videos on the important topics of Practice, Equipment, and on the Mental Aspects of Golf. So whether you are trying to hit a fade, or looking for chipping tips, or, for the hard workers, looking for golf practice routines and drills, you should find some videos of interest.

All the videos have been reviewed and a brief description of what they include is shown below each to help golfers quickly find those that are of most interest and relevance to them.