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The Basic Elements of Professional Shaft Fitting

Tom Wishon is a highly-respected golf club designer and in this video he explains important information about "one of the most confusing parts of the golf club" - the shaft. he explains that the shaft is the "transmission" that gets the power we generate to the impact position. The video really gets underway at approximately 1:00 in with the 5 fitting elements that Tom sees as critical - the overall shaft weight, overall flex, the distribution of stiffness (bend profile), torsional stiffness (torque), and balance point. He makes the key point that all these elements are matched not just to a golfer's swing speed, but also to the type of swing whether that be a smooth with even tempo or a more aggressive swing with quick transition. Tom also explains why the timing of the wrist-cock release also is important with regard to what shaft is best for each golfer. He concludes with the recommendation that a good custom club fitter be used as opposed to taking chances with an off-the-shelf solution.

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A 8.56 minute video featuring Tom Wishon.

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