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Iron play

The sweetly struck iron shot is one of the most pleasing golfing experiences. Why should this be? Perhaps it is because iron play can be seen as golf in its purest form; unlike driving where the lie is flat and the ball is teed up, irons are played from a wide range of lies and the challenge combines making a good swing with making the necessary adjustments for the lie. Iron play is the part of the golf game that usually links the two other essential parts, namely "getting the ball in play" and "getting the ball in the hole" and golfers are often measured by their prowess in this facet of the game. e.g. "He's a great iron player" means, to many, that "He's a great golfer." Watch the videos in this section for guidance on iron play and you too can become a great iron player!

Improve your iron play - tips for beginners

Adam Bazelgette explains the pitfalls of hitting irons and how to avoid these.

With Adam Bazelgette

Use this tip to improve your iron play

Andy & Piers from MeandMygolf show us how to improve the striking of your irons.

With Andy Proudman & Piers Ward

Strike Your Irons Pure

An illustration of how to get the bottom of the arc after the ball to improve the strike of iron-shots.

With Andy Proudman & Piers Ward

Use this drill to help your iron play

Cennydd Mills shows you how the position of the sternum effects how you strike the ball.

With Cennydd Mills

Get the key to better iron play

David Leadbetter shows you the keys to hitting better iron shots.

With David Leadbetter

Realise the benefits of a better struck iron shot

Derek Hooper explains they keys you need to be a good ball striker.

With Derek Hooper

Drawing an Iron Against the Wind

How to hit a draw in a right to left wind

With Luke Donald

Make solid contact when hitting iron shots

Peter Kostis explains the technique for hitting better iron shots.

With Peter Kostis


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