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Getting more distance in golf

We know it's wrong. We know it doesn't matter much. We know it can wreck our game. But we just can't stop ourselves from the lure and temptation of trying to add "more distance". These are the extra yards that separate us from our mates in a 4-ball, that are enviously observed from those watching your drive off the first tee, and these are the yards for which we pay hard-earned cash for often futile equipment upgrades.

Let us be brutally honest here too; when we seek more distance, we don't want to be told that we need to work out at the gym or that we need to stretch more and become more flexible. No, we want to make a slight tweak, perhaps a change in leg movement - something quite easy that gives us the wondrous satisfaction of "more distance". So, with this all in mind, the guidance and instruction in this section will provide at least some of what most golfers are looking in their endeavour to hit the ball further.

Find more distance from the tee with these tips

Barney Puttick of Golf Monthly gives some tips on how to maximise distance with your driver.

With Barney Puttick

Get more distance of the tee with this drill

Martin Hall of the Golf Channel shows you a drill to get more distance.

With Martin Hall

Generate more power to hit the ball further

Paul Wilson shows you how to get extra distance on your drives

With Paul Wilson

How To Hit The Driver Longer

Hit the ball longer with less effort

With Paul Wilson

How to increase your golf swing speed.

How to increase the speed of your golf swing with less effort.

With Paul Wilson

Stop losing distance by avoiding three things.

Todd Kolb PGA instructor gives you insight on the 3 main areas where distance is lost in the golf swing.

With Todd Kolb


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