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Proper stance, posture, and ball-position

Taking the proper stance with proper posture and ball position, often referred to as addressing the ball, is fundamental to a good and successful golf swing. If you consider that every action or movement is dictated to by one that comes before it, then the stance affects everything that comes after it including, importantly, the strike of the golf ball.

Again, as with the grip, the amount of attention golfers give to the stance, to posture, and to ball-position is normally far less than they should. You can correct this now by learning more about a proper golf stance from the videos below.

Get into the perfect golf setup position

How to setup properly with good setup and posture

With Adam Bazelgette

How to get into your golf setup (for beginners and seasoned golfers too!).

Set-up for beginners, and good for seasoned golfers too who want to review a few of the basics of a correct stance.

With Aimee Cho

Have proper posture when making your golf stance

Andy Proudman & Piers Ward show you the proper setup position

With Andy Proudman & Piers Ward

Improve Your Posture

Elongate your spine to promote good rotation and a good turn with a stretching exercise to promote a straight spine at address

With Ben Shear

Make your stance with the correct ball position

Chris Ryan explains the key fundamentals of ball position

With Chris Ryan

Better posture

Improve your upper body posture to see immediate improvement in your backswing.

With Chris Ryan

Try this drill to improve your posture and stance

David Leadbetter shows you how to get the perfect setup and build a great foundation for a good swing

With David Leadbetter

Position the ball correctly in your stance

Jack Nicklaus explains his take on ball position

With Jack Nicklaus

Set up with good posture in your golf stance

Luke Donald shows you from a golfers perspective the importance of proper setup

With Luke Donald

Find the correct ball position in your stance

Experiment and find the correct ball position in *your* stance.

With Mark Crossfield

Get into proper golf posture for a better swing

How to setup properly to the golf swing

With Michael Breed

Golf stance width, a key fundamental for success

How to set your golf stance correctly

With Mike Sullivan

Take a proper stance with the ball correctly positioned

Peter Finch gives us his take on ball position for irons in golf swing

With Peter Finch

Correctly position the ball in your golf stance

Rick Shiels shows you how to find best ball position for your swing

With Rick Shiels

Make sure the ball is positioned correctly in your stance

Ted Norby explains the two theories of ball position in your stance.

With Ted Norby

Use a simple method to position the ball correctly

Zach Allen gives us some clear guidance on how to get the perfect ball position in your golf swing.

With Zach Allen


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