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Better posture

Chris Ryan, Senior PGA Professional at the Belfry shows you a simple drill to assist you in improving your upper body posture. This will allow you to improve your backswing by turning instead of rolling giving you a better coil. Chris explains that a common fault is to address the ball with the shoulders too rounded and the elbows too close together. This type of posture is not good and it does not promote good rotation in the backswing.

The drill requires an alignment stick and a bungee cord or similar. The alignment stick is placed across the chest and held in position using the cord tied around the golfer’s torso. This gives immediate feedback when the address position is taken as good posture and stance will result in the alignment stick remaining close to the chest as opposed to be pushed off and away from the chest by the rounded shoulders.

This drill not only helps to maintain a proper stance, it always promotes a good takeaway movement. Perhaps this drill might be better done in the privacy of one’s own home as opposed to on the driving range where golfers who are seen with foreign attachments to their body can be subject to some mild ridicule.

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