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Rhythm and tempo in a golf going

Rhythm and tempo in a golf swing are somewhat of an art form. It is not so much a case of what is right and wrong, and is more about what suits and works for an individual. Some golfers have a brisk or even quick tempo while others are silky smooth and almost slow-motion. As the guidance shown below highlights, what matters is the regularity with which you swing the club.

Ideal Tempo for your golf swing

Find the ideal tempo for your swing

With Derek Hooper

Get good rhythm and temp the natural way

Jim Venetos turns his unique view on tempo & timing and how he views it in the golf swing.

With Jim Venetos

Control your rhythm and speed of swing

Marc Solomon shows you a great method of controlling the rhythm and pace of your golf swing.

With Marc Solomon

Improve the tempo of your golf swing with this drill

Martin Hall of the Golf channel gives you a simple method of controlling the rhythm of your golf swing

With Martin Hall

Rhythm in Golf Swing

Great explanation on rhythm that will help you to stop fighting the physics of your swing!

With Shawn Clement

Find the best rhythm for your swing

Van Phillips former European Tour player and coach shows you how to find your natural golf swing rhythm.

With Van Phillips


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