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How to fix a slice

If you need to learn how to fix a slice then you will have probably noticed one of the most annoying and destructive aspects of the sliced golf shot; that is that it has a nasty habit of happening right when you need it least i.e. when there is trouble on the right (or the left for lefties). Why should this be? Maybe it's the natural tendency for us to set ourselves up with shoulders and hips aiming away from the trouble giving us an open stance and that may cause us to cut across the ball imparting sidespin. Maybe it's a change we make to the path of our swing in an attempt to guide the ball away from danger but that succeeds only in the same cutting across the ball. Or maybe it's something else. The instructional help shown below should help you to fix your slice!

Fix the faults that make you slice

Adam Bazelgette two time PGA teacher of the year shows you some key principals in how to fix a slice with your driver.

With Adam Bazelgette

3 golf swing death moves with the driver

The guys from Meand My Golf show you three common death moves to avoid with your driver.

With Andy Proudman & Piers Ward

2 steps to go from slice to draw

How to go from a slice to a draw

With Andy Proudman & Piers Ward

Correct a slice in golf

Understand two main reasons for hitting a slice

With Danny Maude

Learn why you slice and how to fix it

Derek Cooper shows you how to identify why you hit a slice and how to fix it.

With Derek Hooper

Correct your slice with this change

Hank Haney explains why you hit a slice and how to fix it.

With Hank Haney

Mend that slice with this lesson

Mark Wood of Mark Wood Golf Academy shows you how to combat a slice.

With Mark Wood

Find the slot on the downswing

Learn how to find that elusive slot on the downswing

With Mike Sullivan

Single biggest fault in golf

Top coach Robert Baker and a couple of his associates uses a couple of the all time best players ever to explain and overcome the biggest fault in golf and how to develop your game under pressure.

With Robert Baker, Gary Player Seve Ballesteros


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