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How to hit a driver

Learning how to hit a driver well off the tee encompasses many things not least of which is the fact that, with the ball pegged well up on a tee, the ball should ideally be struck with the club moving on the way up which is unlike most other types of golf shots where the ball should be struck down upon. This difference is more easily achieved than one might think with the key being a change from the usual ball position at address. There are however other complicating factors most of which have their roots in the mind of the golfer; the drive is of course normally the first shot at each hole and "getting the ball in play" is a vital pre-requisite for the confident golfer. The driver is also the heaviest club with the longest shaft and this, combined its lack of loft, can magnify any swing faults and, for many, the driver can be the hardest club to hit. Browse the videos below that show how to hit a driver.

Hit a driver consistently

Hit more fairways to setup better scoring

With Adam Bazelgette

3 golf swing death moves with the driver

The guys from Meand My Golf show you three common death moves to avoid with your driver.

With Andy Proudman & Piers Ward

Swing that driver

An example of a very simple approach to driving the ball

With Colin Montgomerie

Effortless Power

Hit the ball further with less effort

With Derek Hooper

How to hit longer &straighter with your driver

Hit your driver further

With Michael Newton

Hit your driver further

Hit up to hit driver further

With Natalie Adams

How To Hit The Driver Longer

Hit the ball longer with less effort

With Paul Wilson

How to increase your golf swing speed.

How to increase the speed of your golf swing with less effort.

With Paul Wilson


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