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Mental aspects of the game of golf

Two 5s to finish and you've broken 90 for the first time; many will have been in this or a similar situation only to find that such a seemingly straightforward task can become impossible. How can this be explained? Perhaps the reasons are similar to those that explain why, to paraphrase the well-respected Dr. Bob Rotella, walking along a 4" plank when it is raised 1 foot of the ground is so much easier than when it is raised 10 feet in the air. The guidance and instruction in this section of the site will provide some answers to such dilemmas as well as provide you with the strategies and technique to overcome the challenges when the "brain gets in the way."

Rotellas Rules

Dr. Bob Rotella tells us to be a winner, even if we are not the winner

With Dr. Bob Rotella

Swing that driver

An example of a very simple approach to driving the ball

With Colin Montgomerie

Golf is Not Mental

Encouragement to think less, be more instinctive, and to let the body takeover.

With Dr. Karl Morris

Stop Playing the Score Game

Thoughts on how to reduce nerves and anxiety by not focusing on the score

With Dr. Karl Morris

Swing Thoughts

How to focus on just one thing when swinging the golf club

With Dr. Karl Morris

Get off the bogey train

Stay composed and cope with bad shots

With Dr. Patrick Cohn

Mentally Preparing For Your Round

Four pregame preparation strategies

With Dr. Patrick Cohn

Focus on the Target, not the Trouble

A look at the two opposing mind-sets that golfers tend to have.

With Dr. Patrick Cohn

Mind-sets That Sink Your Self-Confidence

Discover the 4 top villains that are responsible for ruining our confidence and hurting our golf game.

With Dr. Patrick Cohn

Golf Psychology Can Help You

Overview of the key points in Golf Psychology.

With Dr. Patrick Cohn

How not to blow a score

Three Mental Strategies To Lower Your Score

With Dr. Patrick Cohn


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