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Derek Hooper

Derek Hooper is an Australian teacher working in Houston, TX. (these Aussies get everywhere)Derek offers some really interesting videos .He asks you what you want e.g. long straight drives and then explains how to hit them.

Realise the benefits of a better struck iron shot

Derek Hooper explains they keys you need to be a good ball striker.

With Derek Hooper

Ideal Tempo for your golf swing

Find the ideal tempo for your swing

With Derek Hooper

Getting started with putting - the essentials

The basics of putting and a drill to let you groove the basics.

With Derek Hooper

Drill and practice to help your chipping

Derek Hooper explains the fundamentals that allow good chipping.

With Derek Hooper

Tips to help with the basic pitch shot

Derek Hooper explains the fundamentals when hitting a pitch shot.

With Derek Hooper

Get you swing on plane with this drill

Derek Hooper explains the swing plane, how to check your swing plane and a drill to improve your plane.

With Derek Hooper

Learn why you slice and how to fix it

Derek Cooper shows you how to identify why you hit a slice and how to fix it.

With Derek Hooper

Fix your hook with this simple drill

Derek Hooper shows you how a hook happens and gives you a drill how to straighten out your shots.

With Derek Hooper

Effortless Power

Hit the ball further with less effort

With Derek Hooper


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