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Backswing drills

The golf swing is one smooth (hopefully) action although it can be broken down into parts one of which is this backswing. Making a good backswing sets up a golfer to make a good downswing with the ultimate goal of getting everything, especially the clubface, into the correct place at the correct time to strike the ball. The guidance, instruction, and drills in this section on making a good backswing should help you.

Stop rolling the club inside

Cure a common fault and improve your takeaway

With Chris Ryan

Golf Backswing Drill (Visual)

Visual backswing drill to discourage unwanted lateral movement

With Chris Ryan

Improve Your Takeaway

Improve your initial move and learn how to get your golf club started correctly on the backswing using this simple drill.

With Chris Ryan

Make a consistent perfect backswing

Improve your backswing: Get your arms and chest to arrive at the top of the backswing together

With Mark Wood

The first two feet of the backswing

Get the first 2 feet of your backswing correct

With Mark Wood

On Plane Golf Backswing Made Easy

Simple, quick, and easy drill to let you check if your swing is on plane

With Mark Wood

Correct right elbow position

Fix your flying right elbow

With Natalie Adams

Golf swing weight shift explained simply

Weight shift in golf swing explained in a simple, game-changing way

With Natalie Adams

Starting your golf swing correctly and with great tempo

Rotate your body to develop a good takeaway

With Natalie Adams

Throw Your Golf Clubs For Better Backswing

Get to the top of your backswing using energy, physics, and a throw of the golf club!

With Rhodri Lloyd Jones

Backswing: Arm Movement

Understand how the arms actually move in the golf swing

With Steven Bann


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