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Golf Backswing Drill (Visual)

Chris Ryan, Senior PGA professional at the Belfry shows you a great visual drill to keep your head centered in the backswing. Learn how to fix that excessive movement off the ball, less movement in backswing means less movement in downswing so more consistency. Chris tells us this is one of the best ways he knows to stop unwanted lateral movement in the backswing. The video starts with an explanation of the negative impact and knock-on effects of such unwanted movement. He states that bad movement can start early in the swing - in the first 6 to 8 inches - and that it is rare for a golfer to properly and consistently recover from this error. The drill itself is described from approx. 2:00 to 4:00 minutes and involves the use of a basket (typical of the type used for balls at a driving range) with a golf shaft or club placed on top. The essence of the drill is that the ball is positioned just to the left of the shaft in the line of sight of the golfer. Any significant lateral movement of the head results in the ball being hidden from the golfer's view - in other words, the lateral movement of the head becomes highlighted. Chris concludes with a word of caution regarding a common fault when using this backswing drill which results from a lack on turn in an attempt to keep the head steady.

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A 6.16 minute video featuring Chris Ryan.

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