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Throw Your Golf Clubs For Better Backswing

Rhodri Lloyd (it's all about feel) Jones of RG Golf Academies gives you some very different thoughts on the backswing. The objective is to get to the top of the backswing and Rhodri pledges to show us a drill for doing this without becoming overly complicated. Essentially what he shows us is a feel exercise that uses the physics of the golf swing. Based around the notion of rotating in a tight circle, we start with a fairly entertaining demonstration (@ 1:26) of how the arms move as we do this and how far the club will travel if we let go of it. By allowing the forces and energy that are generated to work together with a not-too-tight grip on the club, we find that we get to a good position at the top of the swing in a quite natural manner. Quite a long video but worth a watch.

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A 7.06 minute video featuring Rhodri Lloyd Jones.

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