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Correct right elbow position

Natalie Adams of Smash Factor Golf shows you the correct way that you right arm should work in the golf swing. A flying elbow can cause a host of issues with the downswing, Natalie's drill will help you improve your power and path of the downswing. She starts the video with a demonstration of what a flying right elbow looks like with the arms high and away from the torso with the forearms relatively far apart. Natalie continues by explaining that this is often happens when the golfer attempts to get the club to the top of the backswing without sufficient rotation of the body. The typical problem that this causes on the downswing is the "over the top" move that ends poorly for most golf shots. The drill itself uses a resistance band which is used to encourage and promote a tighter, more together backswing.

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A 3.46 minute video featuring Natalie Adams.

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