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Stop rolling the club inside

Chris Ryan Head Professional at The Belfry shows us how to improve our backswing by stopping rolling the wrists and causing the club to be whipped inside very quickly in backswing which he summarises as "hands move out, club moves in". He stresses that such a movement is a very common fault that leads on to many issues for all but those with magical recovery moves. Chris shows you how to feel the correct motion which allows you to stop this problem and introduces a simple drill to support this. The drill involves taking a normal address position except for the grip which is taken as far down the grip (almost onto the shaft) as possible and moving the club more upwards and making the grip-end brush the right thigh as the swing is made. Chris stresses that this is a bit of an exaggerated move but one that will help the golfer for whom the correct takeaway is a foreign feeling.

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