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5 steps not enough? Well here are 6 for you.

A comprehensive video that will be especially useful to beginners as they start their journey to golfing success and which comprises six steps. Step 1 covers the takeaway which leads on to the second step which Robin describes as the halfway back position. Step 3 takes us to the top of the backswing with guidance on what to look out for at that position.

Step 4 addresses that start of the downswing with the video lesson continuing on to the fifth step which is what really matters - namely the impact. Step 6 covers the follow through with pointers on how the correct position can be achieved.

The video concludes (at 9:30) with a drill that lets you not only practice the individual moves but also shows you how to piece them together to create one swing.

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A 11.5 minute video featuring Robin Rosado.

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