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Downswing drills

The videos and instruction in this section include several downswing drills. The moves you make to get from the top of your backswing to impact position will determine the strike you make on the golf ball and its subsequent flight path. Ideally these moves will be based off a good set up position and follow on from a proper backswing. Regardless, the drills shown in this section will help you develop an effective downswing.

Develop a good downswing

Chris Ryan shows you how the golf club and body should work in the downswing.

With Chris Ryan

Stop Coming Over the Top

Fix the dreaded over the top move

With Michael Breed

Find the slot on the downswing

Learn how to find that elusive slot on the downswing

With Mike Sullivan

Throw your club properly

Learn how force works in your golf swing

With Peter Knight

Single biggest fault in golf

Top coach Robert Baker and a couple of his associates uses a couple of the all time best players ever to explain and overcome the biggest fault in golf and how to develop your game under pressure.

With Robert Baker, Gary Player Seve Ballesteros

Properly transition between backswing and downswing

Robin Symes explains how to start the downswing properly.

With Robin Symes

Drill to stop coming over the top

Stop coming over the top

With Zach Allen


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