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Putting tips and drills

Golfers are notorious for seeking out any tips and drills that can help lower their score and this is especially true with putting. This is hardly surprising since, depending on how good you are, putting might account for almost one half of all the strokes you take on the golf course and we all know that the cost to the scorecard of a tap-in from 2 inches is the same as the mightiest of drives pounded down the middle of a fairway. Putting is obviously vitally important and any tips or drills that can be used to make improvements will inevitably improve our scores.

Why then, with the very occasional exception, do we spend so little time working on this part of the game? Could it be that the putting-the-ball-in-the-hole bit is not as much fun as the booming-it-up-the-middle bit? As golfers, do any of us dose of to sleep dreaming about holing a tricky, downhill 5-footer, or are our sweet dreams more likely to revolve around sweetly struck iron shots, shaped to perfection, and stopping inches from the hole? Yes, putting for most of us is not the fun part and we should really put more time and effort into improving this key part of our game. Bizarrely though, time and effort, when applied to putting, can cause just as many problems as they can resolve.

Paraphrasing Dr. Bob Rotella one more time, "we are all born great putters and learn to become bad" so it is important we toil for positive outcomes and the instruction and the putting tips and drills in this section are presented with this in mind.

The Perfect Golf putting stroke technique

Learn an absolute basic of putting. The two elements involved will enable you to grove a simple effective stroke.

With Adam Bazelgette

Three Top Putting Tips

Chris Ryan joins Andy and Piers from MEandMYGOLF to give three simple putting tips

With Chris Ryan, Andy Proudman and Piers Ward

Easiest Putting Technique Ever

Dave Cahill shows you a very simple repeatable putting method

With Dave Cahill

Getting started with putting - the essentials

The basics of putting and a drill to let you groove the basics.

With Derek Hooper

Easy Tip to better Putting and Lower golf scores

Learn how to practice making solid contact to improve your putting

With Mike Sullivan

Pressure Putting 2

Practice putting with the same pressure feelings you have on the golf course

With Phil Kenyon

Pressure Putting

Practice putting with the same pressure feelings you have on the golf course

With Phil Kenyon

Putting tips for beginner golfers

Simple ways to start getting the hang of reading greens, setting up to the putt and how to control the putter face.

With Lisa Ann Horst

Help for the novice on the putting green

Just the simple basic steps for beginners to get started on the greens

With Robert Camacho


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