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Short game tips and drills

Getting up and down is a marvellous thing. Why then is the short game is sometimes viewed as being some kind of separate activity to golf. How often do we hear, say, or feel that a better golfer has been beaten by another with a better short game? This feeling is translated into inaction in terms of the amount of work that we golfers tend to put into perfecting our short game.

In a similar way to how we prefer to be known as a great striker of the ball than we do a great putter, us golfers simply do not care enough about perfecting the short game. The result of this is that we are ignoring one of the easiest and most effective ways of improving our overall golf performance. So no more ignorance - take a good look at the short game instruction within this section and help yourself to lower scores.

Short Game Practice tips & wedge play drills

Learn two fundamentals of wedge play and a drill to build skill in your wedge game

With Adam Bazelgette


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