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Swing plane drills

The videos and instruction in this section include several downswing drills. The moves you make to get from the top of your backswing to impact position will determine the strike you make on the golf ball and its subsequent flight path. Ideally these moves will be based off a good set up position and follow on from a proper backswing. Regardless, the drills shown in this section will help you develop an effective downswing.

Improve your backswing with these tips

Adam Bazellgette explains the swing plane and how to fix your own swing plane.

With Adam Bazelgette

Learn about Parallel Plane and Plane Shift

Clay Ballard explains in detail what swing plane is and the two types of swing plane "parallel and plane shift".

With Clay Ballard

Get you swing on plane with this drill

Derek Hooper explains the swing plane, how to check your swing plane and a drill to improve your plane.

With Derek Hooper

Learn whether you are on plane with your swing

Lawrie Montague explains swing plane and how you know if you are swinging on plane or not.

With Lawrie Montague

Golf Swing Plane Is Not What You Think It Is

Mark Crossfield explains what swing plane is and how it can be effected in many ways.

With Mark Crossfield

Improve Your Golf Swing Plane

Learn the essential movements and drill that will let you get your golf swing on plane

With Rick Shiels


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