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Golf swing weight shift explained simply

Natalie Adams of Smash Factor Golf explains to us in a simple understandable way (assuming you are good with percentages!) how your weight should shift in your golf swing. This is a very important part of the swing but often made very complicated by swing teachers. Natalie explains that at address the ideal weight balance is 55 on the left side, 45 on the right (for right handers) and that the transfer of weight during the backswing is quite subtle and can happen quite naturally as a method of counter-balancing the clubhead as it moves away from the body. Near the top of the backswing a good golfer will typically have 80% of their weight transferred onto the right heel. Interestingly, Natalie shows how the best golfers will actually start the weight shift back to the left side slightly before they actually complete their backswing. At impact there should be in the order of 80% of the weight on the left side and, ultimately, on completion of the swing, 100% of the weight should be on the left side. A game-changing golf drill according to Natalie!

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